How Does This Happen?

How does this happen? Aren’t products manufactured safer now? What about safety cleats? Children 8 and under use cords in dramatic play. They play Spiderman, Tarzan, Rapunzel, Dora the Explorer, and other characters while using cords to swing from and climb. Children over the age of 18 months can gain access to cords tied in cleats.

This video is meant to educate the public on how quickly kids can access cords in safety cleats while parents and caregivers are doing household tasks.

Why Cordless is Best

Cordless window coverings are the safest for all homes where children live and visit. Cordless products are also preferred among the elderly and disabled community because of the ease of operation the products offer users. Parents for Window Blind Safety has challenged retailers to #GoCordless and junk their cords for kids.

On March 31, 2016 SelectBlinds.com became the first custom window covering company to go 100% cordless. We hope you visit their website and see the hundreds of cordless products they offer at very reasonable prices.



Each Month Parents for Window Blind Safety is Partnering with Select Blinds for Project Cordless to upgrade an entire home, apartment, military housing unit, or daycare facility with FREE cordless window coverings.

Who do you know that has an inspiring story? Do you know someone who deserves to honored or recognized for their hard work? Maybe someone you know has shown strength in ways you never thought you could. Maybe YOU have something to tell the world.

Tell your friends and share #ProjectCordless on your social media. Everyone deserves a chance to have a safe home.