2013 Deadly Nursery, Toddler and Play Room Designs

These 2013 photos were taken from various sources on the internet.  Some 2013 nursery designs were designed by famous interior designers, some local designers, some DIY design ideas and one contest winner from The Washington Post Newspaper. Deadly window covering cords are overlooked not only by common people, but also the wealthy, educated, and famous. We will look at nursery designs, then toddler playroom designs. Ok, I must mention the cord cleat on the wall in the photo below. Although … Read More

Hidden Hazards in the Home

Below is an excerpt from an article written by KidsInDanger on the problem of hidden hazards in the homes that parents overlook. “Here’s the problem: From these stories, we see an obvious disconnect between recalls and public awareness—whether it be a parent, childcare provider, or state inspector! The ineffectiveness of recalls has resulted in countless child injuries and deaths. To keep our children safe, regulators and manufacturers – and the public — need to do more to get recalled products … Read More

Cordless Giveaway Contest Winners!

A big thanks to all of you who participated in Window Covering Safety Month.  These accidents are so preventable!  There is a cure!  We can end the deaths and injuries of children.  This month many of you worked hard to promote this giveaway which raised a ton of awareness on hazardous window coverings.  Before we announce the winners we would also like to thank Intercrown LTD for participating in this giveaway.   See the video of the prizes below. For … Read More

Window Covering Safety is a Global Issue, not limited to Canada and USA

Maha Sultan Mohammad was 3 years old.  This past Saturday her mother found Maha unresponsive hanging from a window covering cord in their  home located in Dibba, Fujairah.Dibba Al-Fujairah is the name of a settlement in the emirate of Fujairah located on the North east part of the United Arab Emirates. It is geographically part of the Dibba region. Maha’s father was quoted in the Gulf News Article “A hospital report stated that Maha had accidentally hanged herself. She got caught … Read More

Remembering Cheyenne 11 Years later

Today we remember Cheyenne Rose Kaiser who lost her life from the inner cords of a window blind.                                           Cheyenne was the twin sister of Seth Kaiser, beloved younger sister of Madeleine Kaiser and older sister to Yahna and Sophia Kaiser.  She loved to play with her brother and sister.  She loved to swing and play peekaboo.  She will forever … Read More

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