No Cleats, No Cords, No Tassels……..Go Cordless in October!

The most recent story in the news today is about a little girl named Isabella. This month is window covering safety month.  PFWBS recommends cordless or cord-free window coverings in homes with children 8 years and younger.  According to CPSC data children 8 years and younger have died or been injured on ANSI compliant window coverings that include safety devices such as “safety tassels”, “Break away tassels”, “cord joiners”, cords tied up in cleats, and faulty tie down devices.   Children … Read More

Going on Vacation? What do you do about the cords?

This past week I went on vacation to the lake.  We rented a nice cabin that had deadly cords all over the place.   I have a 16 month old little girl who is in to EVERYTHING! So of course I couldn’t even begin to relax until I figured out a way to make these window coverings safe before I did anything else.  I ran to Walmart and bought some cloth spins.   I went around to each window and used … Read More

Product Safety Testing

We want to introduce to you one of our product safety testing engineers, John Williamson.  John has been with PFWBS for about 6 years now helping with testing in Australia and also in the United States.   John has found a tie down device in Australia that does not meet the Australian safety standards.  Keep reading for his findings and also click the YouTube video below to watch him test the product and see why it doesn’t pass the test. … Read More

Deadly Nursery Designs……

Yesterday I was online surfing the web for some girls nursery ideas to help me plan for my daughters nursery.  After viewing countless images I came across the pictures below.  Most of these were designed professionally.                     Okay, so you get my point?  Not only should we be educating parents, but also there are a lot of designers and professionals that are just as oblivious to the dangers of window covering … Read More

10 Years ago today….

10 years ago today I put my twins to bed and started working on the dishes and turning in for the night.  My oldest daughter and my husband always made it an event to check on the twins on our way to bed.  So I went in first and saw my daughter in the corner of her crib sitting.  I ran to her and saw that a cord was around her neck.  My entire life fell apart that day.  The … Read More

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