New Redesigned Corded Window Blinds and Shades Causing Injuries and Deaths in Kids

ST. LOUIS, MO (PRWEB) OCTOBER 25, 2016 As Window Covering Safety Month comes to an end, Parents for Window Blind Safety (PFWBS) reminds consumers to check their window coverings for exposed pull/tilt cords (of any length) and loose inner cords. Parents should be aware that even newly purchased window coverings can cause strangulation if they have cords. In July 2016, a 2 year old girl died when she hung on the cord of a horizontal blind that was manufactured in … Read More

Cords don’t just kill, they severely injure children.

Below you will read a heartbreaking story of a little baby boy who was bright, curious, happy and most of all healthy. As always, PFWBS tells the public to Go Cordless because even with window coverings retrofitted, children can still strangle on the accessible cords. Bobby’s Story Bobby was born a very healthy baby on September 7, 2004. He had always been healthy unlike his older brother Billy who was a year older and had always had health and development … Read More

Department of Defense and CPSC working together for safety!

A big applaud to CPSC for their letter on safety to the Department of Defense warning military housing partners of the dangers of corded window coverings. CPSC has record of at least 10 or more deaths and injuries over the past few decades on military housing facilities and rented homes.  PFWBS wrote letters along with families who had lost their children asking for something to be done on military bases.  Articles were written about our concern with military housing … Read More

It Happened Within Seconds

Interview with Connie Warnke (mother) “They were in their playroom. I had it in their playroom,” said the boys’ mother, Connie Warnke. Connie Warnke used a safety device — a cord wind-up — to stash away all their Miniblind cords. The point was to protect the boys from strangling. But there are complaints the device creates a loop and looks like a toy attracting children to it. Others argue it needs a warning — you have to rewind the cord … Read More

Injuries from cords can be devastating

We wanted to share this post with the world in order to create more awareness of the hazards of window covering cords. Not all children die. Some live through the accident such as this little girl, Ashley. One of the many reasons PFWBS was founded was not only to support parents through their grief but to get them help when accusations are running wild after such an accident. Many states with family services are not educated on how children can … Read More

Window blinds can not only be deadly…they can severely injure.

Catara was a healthy 3 year old child July 4th, 2007. She could color, sing, and give her Mommy and Daddy hugs and kisses. Catara could laugh, show off her new cloths and run circles around her little brother. On July 7th Catara got entangled in the inner cord of a window blind. She was discovered within seconds by her father. Mom quickly came into the room and began CPR. Catara later gained a pulse but she will never be the … Read More