Effective Safety Standards Creates Safer Products

PFWBS Is Generating Change  Parents for Window Blind Safety has made educating and advocating for the safety of parents and children alike a priority over the last sixteen years. Linda Kaiser, a crusader in the realm of window blind coverings, has started the ball rolling into an era of improved household safety. When Linda found her one year old daughter, Cheyenne, strangulated by the cord of their blinds everyone was looking around, but Linda was looking for something that hadn’t … Read More

Angels Law

Sunday, August 9, was like every other Sunday. We got up, had breakfast and went to Mass. After church, the kids had leftover pizza for lunch and I got the little ones ready for a nap. The next time I saw Angel, (about 20 minutes later) he was dead. He had hanged himself on a cord from the window blind in his bedroom.