10 Years ago today….

10 years ago today I put my twins to bed and started working on the dishes and turning in for the night.  My oldest daughter and my husband always made it an event to check on the twins on our way to bed.  So I went in first and saw my daughter in the corner of her crib sitting.  I ran to her and saw that a cord was around her neck.  My entire life fell apart that day.  The … Read More

What’s Happening in Australia

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Did you know PFWBS also has a branch in Australia run by John Williamson?  John works hard trying to get installers to have certification to install window coverings down under.  John’s Granddaughter Meesha died from a beaded looped chain that was attached to the wall with double sided tape instead of being properly installed with screws.

Angel Duenas 1/8/07 – 8/11/09

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Born 1/8/07 Strangled 8/9/11. Taken off life support on 8/11/09 Sunday, August 9, was like every other Sunday. We got up, had breakfast and went to Mass. It was a beautiful day. Hot, sunny, no clouds. After church, the kids (Angel, 2.5, Hanna, 4, and Maire-Kate, 10) had leftover pizza for lunch and I got the little ones ready for a nap.