Four Children Killed by Window Covering Cords in Three Weeks

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Must Take Action to Protect Children Washington D.C. (March 4, 2014)—Today, Parents for Window Blind Safety, Consumer Federation of America,   and Independent Safety Consulting, called on the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to take effective action to protect children from the preventable stragulation hazard posed by cords on window coverings in light of four children’s deaths in three weeks. In twenty two days, four children strangled to death from cords on a window … Read More

Hidden Hazards in the Home

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Below is an excerpt from an article written by KidsInDanger on the problem of hidden hazards in the homes that parents overlook. “Here’s the problem: From these stories, we see an obvious disconnect between recalls and public awareness—whether it be a parent, childcare provider, or state inspector! The ineffectiveness of recalls has resulted in countless child injuries and deaths. To keep our children safe, regulators and manufacturers – and the public — need to do more to get recalled products … Read More

Cordless Giveaway Contest Winners!

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A big thanks to all of you who participated in Window Covering Safety Month.  These accidents are so preventable!  There is a cure!  We can end the deaths and injuries of children.  This month many of you worked hard to promote this giveaway which raised a ton of awareness on hazardous window coverings.  Before we announce the winners we would also like to thank Intercrown LTD for participating in this giveaway.   See the video of the prizes below. For … Read More

Window Covering Safety is a Global Issue, not limited to Canada and USA

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Maha Sultan Mohammad was 3 years old.  This past Saturday her mother found Maha unresponsive hanging from a window covering cord in their  home located in Dibba, Fujairah.Dibba Al-Fujairah is the name of a settlement in the emirate of Fujairah located on the North east part of the United Arab Emirates. It is geographically part of the Dibba region. Maha’s father was quoted in the Gulf News Article “A hospital report stated that Maha had accidentally hanged herself. She got caught … Read More

Remembering Cheyenne 11 Years later

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Today we remember Cheyenne Rose Kaiser who lost her life from the inner cords of a window blind.                                           Cheyenne was the twin sister of Seth Kaiser, beloved younger sister of Madeleine Kaiser and older sister to Yahna and Sophia Kaiser.  She loved to play with her brother and sister.  She loved to swing and play peekaboo.  She will forever … Read More

Consumer and Safety Organizations Petition the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to Issue Mandatory Standards to Make Window Covering Cords Safer for Children

HAPPY 12th BIRTHDAY CHEYENNE ROSE!!!! For Petition click here.                  For Immediate Release                                    Contact: Rachel Weintraub, CFA (202) 939-1012 May 23, 2013                                                                               Linda Kaiser, PFWBS (314) 494-7890 Carol Pollack-Nelson, ISC (301) 340-2912   Consumer and Safety Organizations Petition the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to Issue Mandatory Standards to Make Window Covering Cords Safer for Children        Voluntary Standard Process Has Failed to Eliminate Strangulation Risk for Children … Read More

CPSC Rule Making Process…How does it work?

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In a nutshell there are  3 voting periods and 3 comment periods which can last 30-90 days then the final ruling.  Typically Industry is given a year but not always guaranteed a year. Optional Step: Advance Notice Proposed Rulemaking Staff directed to prepare briefing package for possible advance notice of proposed rulemaking (ANPR) Staff completes ANPR briefing package (including description and market information about product; discussion of incidents involving product; summery of any existing standards; overview of alternatives to address risk). Package is reviewed by … Read More

Department of Defense and CPSC working together for safety!

A big applaud to CPSC for their letter on safety to the Department of Defense warning military housing partners of the dangers of corded window coverings. CPSC has record of at least 10 or more deaths and injuries over the past few decades on military housing facilities and rented homes.  PFWBS wrote letters along with families who had lost their children asking for something to be done on military bases.  Articles were written about our concern with military housing … Read More

10 Years of Advocacy

Ten Years ago Parents for Window Blind Safety was established in November 2002 by my husband and I, after losing our precious daughter, Cheyenne Rose to child strangulation. You might wonder, why did we do this?  What is our purpose?  This was a preventable death.  If my husband and I would have been educated about the inner cord dangers of window covering products it would have never happened.  I would never have had to read on my daughter’s death certificate … Read More

No Cleats, No Cords, No Tassels……..Go Cordless in October!

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The most recent story in the news today is about a little girl named Isabella. This month is window covering safety month.  PFWBS recommends cordless or cord-free window coverings in homes with children 8 years and younger.  According to CPSC data children 8 years and younger have died or been injured on ANSI compliant window coverings that include safety devices such as “safety tassels”, “Break away tassels”, “cord joiners”, cords tied up in cleats, and faulty tie down devices.   Children … Read More

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