Product Safety Testing

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We want to introduce to you one of our product safety testing engineers, John Williamson.  John has been with PFWBS for about 6 years now helping with testing in Australia and also in the United States.   John has found a tie down device in Australia that does not meet the Australian safety standards.  Keep reading for his findings and also click the YouTube video below to watch him test the product and see why it doesn’t pass the test. … Read More

10 Years ago today….

10 years ago today I put my twins to bed and started working on the dishes and turning in for the night.  My oldest daughter and my husband always made it an event to check on the twins on our way to bed.  So I went in first and saw my daughter in the corner of her crib sitting.  I ran to her and saw that a cord was around her neck.  My entire life fell apart that day.  The … Read More

PFWBS AU awarded 2012 Consumer Protection Award

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The government of Western Australia has awarded PFWBS AU the  Western Australian Consumer Protection 2012 Award for educating the public about window covering dangers and establishing safer standard in the Industry. PFWBS applauds John Williamson for his tireless efforts in Australia.  John has been involved with PFWBS since 2006 when we wrote  a comment on a article that was written about his granddaughter, Meesha, who was killed by a window blind cord that was improperly installed. John Williamson, middle, accepting award.   … Read More

CPSC Chairman’s speech

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Last week was the first week CPSC has said anything about the WCMA/ANSI standard that is under the canvass process as I am writing this.  I wanted to share this with the world since I don’t think this will hit the papers.

Consumer Confusion

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  Every once in a while we will take a trip to the store and walk through the window covering section to see if things have changed on boxed window coverings.  Today we walked through Kmart and found Nein Made window blinds in boxes of all sizes.  All of the window blinds had the same packaging.  On the front of the boxes it reads, “child safety wand enclosed” making it seem that there are no cords on the product.  As … Read More

Clearing up false statements with facts.

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There are several news articles and emails going around with false information in them.  Let me start with the WSJ article called A rule of Blind Injustice. “The problem with blinds, according to safety advocates, is that the cords can be a temptation to young children, ensnaring or strangling them if they become entangled. While the industry has adopted voluntary standards for reducing the risk to children, the agency says that improving safety and reducing the hazard isn’t enough. It … Read More

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