Retailers Go Cordless Today!

Take a moment to think of the movements you have seen come and go throughout your lifetime. Now I encourage you to ponder what worldly issues may be right outside your front door, or more alarming yet, right inside your front door. That’s right, your window blind coverings. Beginning December 15th a walk through your local retailer will look a bit different. What consumers will find are cordless window blind coverings being held in stock rather than the traditional blinds … Read More

Gone in seconds

I lost my son Colton Shero on October 17, 2013. He was two days away from his 2nd birthday. Colton was playing in our family room playing with his 3 yr. old brother Stan. The boys had been playing in that room for their entire lives and we had done this every single day. That morning was so ordinary. I looked at my watch and realized that it was getting close to nap time and decided to go into the … Read More

In An Instant

Two weeks ago, we introduced our new awareness video, In An Instant. Now with over 17,000 views in two weeks, it has made a small impact. It was an amazing experience to take an idea from our heads and see it come alive in film. When writing this script we felt that is was important to convey that these accidents are silent, can happen at anyone’s home and can happen in seconds. We used a product that was compliant with … Read More

2013 Deadly Nursery, Toddler and Play Room Designs

These 2013 photos were taken from various sources on the internet.  Some 2013 nursery designs were designed by famous interior designers, some local designers, some DIY design ideas and one contest winner from The Washington Post Newspaper. Deadly window covering cords are overlooked not only by common people, but also the wealthy, educated, and famous. We will look at nursery designs, then toddler playroom designs. Ok, I must mention the cord cleat on the wall in the photo below. Although … Read More

Consumer and Safety Organizations Petition the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to Issue Mandatory Standards to Make Window Covering Cords Safer for Children

HAPPY 12th BIRTHDAY CHEYENNE ROSE!!!! For Petition click here.                  For Immediate Release                                    Contact: Rachel Weintraub, CFA (202) 939-1012 May 23, 2013                                                                               Linda Kaiser, PFWBS (314) 494-7890 Carol Pollack-Nelson, ISC (301) 340-2912   Consumer and Safety Organizations Petition the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to Issue Mandatory Standards to Make Window Covering Cords Safer for Children        Voluntary Standard Process Has Failed to Eliminate Strangulation Risk for Children … Read More

Department of Defense and CPSC working together for safety!

A big applaud to CPSC for their letter on safety to the Department of Defense warning military housing partners of the dangers of corded window coverings. CPSC has record of at least 10 or more deaths and injuries over the past few decades on military housing facilities and rented homes.  PFWBS wrote letters along with families who had lost their children asking for something to be done on military bases.  Articles were written about our concern with military housing … Read More

Going on Vacation? What do you do about the cords?

This past week I went on vacation to the lake.  We rented a nice cabin that had deadly cords all over the place.   I have a 16 month old little girl who is in to EVERYTHING! So of course I couldn’t even begin to relax until I figured out a way to make these window coverings safe before I did anything else.  I ran to Walmart and bought some cloth spins.   I went around to each window and used … Read More

Deadly Nursery Designs……

Yesterday I was online surfing the web for some girls nursery ideas to help me plan for my daughters nursery.  After viewing countless images I came across the pictures below.  Most of these were designed professionally.                     Okay, so you get my point?  Not only should we be educating parents, but also there are a lot of designers and professionals that are just as oblivious to the dangers of window covering … Read More

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