Don’t be fooled by “child safe” stickers or advertisements!

Today I was at Big Lots looking around and found this roll up window blind.

See the bright colors and the child drawing with a smiley face?  Makes it look more child
friendly doesn’t it?  It reads “Make the right choice. Safety Window Covering.  Break away system save your child or pet from cord strangulation danger.”   Don’t be fooled.  This is the same type of window covering in our video posted below.

Take a look at the video.  Does it look child safe to you?

Just because a company puts child safe on products does NOT mean the product has been tested.  It does not mean it is hazard free especially if it is a window covering that includes cords.  This product will NOT save your child from all strangulation dangers.

When looking for child safe window coverings, always remember, if there is a cord, it’s NOT CHILD SAFE!