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Where Product Safety Information

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Child safety advocates and organizations use an evidence-based approach to educating the public. Product safety advocates provide the most credible and comprehensive source of product safety information for parents, free from corporate bias or agendas. Their independent perspective is essential for families to make informed choices.

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Product Safety Organizations

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These groups below play a crucial role in speaking up for children and countering corporate coverups. Each one of them campaigns relentlessly for comprehensive safety standards, with the health and well-being of generations of kids depending on remaining vigilant against profit-driven compromises on product safety.

Kids In Danger

Kids Products

Reese’s Purpose

Button Batteries

The Safe Baby

Child Proofing Expert

Parents Against Tip Overs

Furniture Tip-Overs

The Water Bead Lady

Hazardous Water Beads

Charlies House

Walk-Thru Safety House

Zac Foundation

Pool & Spa Drains

Not Your Turn To Burn

Gas Containers