Corded Window Coverings Are Hazardous To Kids.

For over 20 years, Parents for Window Blind Safety has educated consumers on window covering safety.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission listed window coverings with cords as one of the top hidden hazards in the home. These window coverings include Window Blinds, Roman shades, Cellular shades, Roll-up shades, Top Down Bottom Up Shades, and draperies.

Is My Window Blind Expired?

Hazardous cords have been involved in hundreds of accidents over the years. Safety devices such as tie-down devices, cord cleats, and separate tassels have not prevented strangulations in scores of U.S. cases. Learn how to tell if these products are in your home.

Kids can reach anything tied up high

Childproofing Tips

Who do you trust for information? What is their motive? Are they telling you everything? Are they experts in the field?

Child Advocacy groups such as PFWBS, conduct in-depth investigations, injury analysis, standards reviews, and unbiased testing. Their sole motivation is protecting children.

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Our Lab Tested Mom Approved Seal gives consumers and retailers confidence in knowing that products that pass are high quality and have been tested against superior criteria written by safety experts who understand the hazard patterns of these types of strangulation accidents.

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Cords are hazardous to infants and children ages 6 months to 8 years