Deadly Nursery Designs……

Yesterday I was online surfing the web for some girls nursery ideas to help me plan for my daughters nursery.  After viewing countless images I came across the pictures below.  Most of these were designed professionally.


Celebrity Baby Nursery although there are cleats, there are still dangerous inner cords behind the roman shade that could strangle a child. Also, did you know crib bumpers have suffocated infants?  Some states are pushing for bans on these bumpers.  Every one of these rooms has them.


Another Celebrity Nursery. Do you see what I see? Not only is there a dangerous cord, but only THIN blankets should be used, not thick oversized blankets.  Yes, it looks cute but its a No No!



Another professionally designed nursery
Can you see the cord on the right side?


How many hazards can you count?
I don’t believe this was a professional job however it show the lack of education by the parents.



This is a window covering designed by a professional I pulled from the designers website.


Another set of professionally made window valances taken from a professional website.



Okay, so you get my point?  Not only should we be educating parents, but also there are a lot of designers and professionals that are just as oblivious to the dangers of window covering cords.  We at PFWBS would be more than happy to help educate by attending online seminars, giving safety talks, or helping your company educate it’s employees.  If you are interested, please contact us at

If you know a designer or window covering professional, please pass this blog post along to them.

Have a great holiday and keep yourself cool!

Linda Kaiser
Founder of PFWBS