Lowes Upgrade Event

Upgrade Your Home with Lowe’s: The Time is Now! Hello, dear readers! Today, I have some exciting news for you. Lowe’s, a name synonymous with quality and trust, is hosting an Upgrade Event for window coverings that you simply cannot afford to miss. Are you still living with those old corded blinds or shades? Well, it’s time to bid them goodbye and embrace the future with cordless window coverings. Not only do they offer a sleek, modern look to your home, but they also eliminate the risks associated with corded blinds.

The Hazards of Corded Blinds

Corded window blinds, while they may have served us well in the past, are now recognized as a hazard, especially for our beloved pets and children. The cords can become a dangerous entanglement risk. But with cordless window coverings, you can rest easy knowing your loved ones are safe.

Aesthetic Appeal of Cordless Products

Moreover, cordless products are a step up in aesthetics. They offer a clean, uncluttered look that complements any decor style. With no cords to tangle or get in the way, your windows will look more streamlined and elegant.

Lowe’s Upgrade Event: A Deal You Can’t Miss

Now, let’s talk about the deal that Lowe’s is offering. They are providing a whopping 50% off In-Home Measurements. Yes, you read that right! Half off on professional measurements to ensure your new window coverings fit perfectly. But that’s not all. You can get 15% off stock blinds and window shades by scheduling your measurements now. And if you’re looking for something more personalized, you can get an extra 10% off custom blinds and window shades. This offer is valid from June 6, 2024, to June 19, 2024. To receive the discount, the In-Home measurement must be scheduled and completed by 6/14/2024, and the order placed by 6/19/2024. Click the link to get started.

Take Action Today

So, why wait? This is the perfect opportunity to upgrade your home and enhance its safety and aesthetics. Contact Lowe’s for an In-Home Measurement today and step into a cordless future. Remember, a beautiful and safe home is just a call away!