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In An Instant

Two weeks ago, we introduced our new awareness video, In An Instant.

Now with over 17,000 views in two weeks, it has made a small impact. It was an amazing experience to take an idea from our heads and see it come alive in film.

When writing this script we felt that is was important to convey that these accidents are silent, can happen at anyone’s home and can happen in seconds. We used a product that was compliant with the ANSI standard and also used a safety device. We wanted to show the audience that even after using “safer” products along with safety devices, products can still be deadly to children. We hope that this video will go viral so that every parent can understand the safety message quickly. Live Safe…Go Cordless is a message that should be universally used by Industry, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, Retailers, child safety advocacy groups such as Safe Kids and national child proofing companies. When this message become universal, then consumers will start to understand how deadly cords on window coverings can be and hopefully we will see a reduction in the rate these accidents are occurring. Help us convey this simple message of safety by sending our video to all your contacts, media, congressman and of course your loved ones. Help us reach a Million in May!

Below is a longer video interviewing three Mom’s who lost their children to window covering cords. It is a MUST SEE. This video can be used not only to convey our safety message, but also to comfort other grieving parents who have lost their children in other ways. In the video, we mention a retrofit product that will work on horizontal blinds. You can purchase the product here. www.fashionwand.com

A big thank you to Erin Shero, our Director of Communications and Leslie Wentz, our Director of Daycare Relations. Both of these woman played a vital role writing and directing the short film. Thank you both for sharing your heart, your grief and your pain with the world.

We also want to thank Intercrown for sponsoring the video and RedCastle Productions for their many hours of work filming, editing, directing and producing this video.