No One Wants to Listen – An Advocate

So many days and nights have passed since my son’s accident. My “new normal” is advocate. Tirelessly trying to save others for an accident that no one told me about. I experience the major highs of victory, a momentary pause of joy. I feel the vicious lows of defeat, tears and hurt in the brokenness. I am an advocate, working to eradicate the real danger that took my child. I am a warrior taking on the industry that has known about this danger for over 30 years. No one wants to listen.

I am interviewed, pouring my heart and soul out. Reliving the most horrific day in my life for the sake of education and advocacy. I subject myself to judgment and ridicule, hoping one person will hear me. I am hoping one child will be spared. Speaking out to try to prevent one family from knowing my pain. An advocate of change, an advocate of children. The comments people write on my interviews terrify me. They show me how resistant the world is to change. No one wants to listen.

I know that I am a person’s worst nightmare. I am a nightmare because other parents can relate to me so well. I am the mom at the soccer games, drama productions, and choir concerts. I am the woman in the booth across from you having dinner with her husband. I am the mom who is picking out a prom dress with her daughter or sitting next to you in church. I am everywhere you look. A mom you don’t notice, because I look just like you. No one wants to listen.

How my son died is a common accident; one the most preventable accidents that occur in homes. It isn’t widely discussed as a danger and doesn’t get much attention from the mainstream media. As an advocate I want to tell you the way I lost my child DOES matter. Every parent of child loss should be heard, no matter the cause. The parents of child loss are the voices of the dark. The brave advocates for change. The parents of loss are walking the hardest path and are trying to change the world on the way.

So many days and nights have passed since my son’s accident. I have heard almost every excuse from parents not removing corded products from their homes. No excuse is a good excuse when it comes to the safety of your child. I know you aren’t really listening to me, you are reading this thinking of what you want to comment on this blog. You will miss the point all together, yet I am an advocate. Even if no one is listening, I will continue to cry out to the world a need for change. I will continue to carry your comments and dislike, like badges of honor for doing this work. I will continue to work on saving your child’s life, because I am an advocate and a mom of child loss.

Written to all of The Advocates.

Thank you for your bravery and courage.

Erin Shero
Mother of Colton
Director of Communications
Parents for Window Blind Safety