Are You In?

Today is all about YOU. Are you ready to do something to stop this deadly epidemic once and for all? Would you be willing to help cure a problem that has been taking the lives of children? A problem that has existed for decades? Do you have the desire to end window blind accidents to protect future generations? In 5 minutes you could be the hero to a small child. A healer to a broken heart and an advocate on behalf of the innocent. Are you ready?

Parents for Window Blind Safety invites you to participate in the Public Commenting period that is now open with the US CPSC. If you know a parent that is in our group, there is no doubt when you learned of a child’s accident or death, you felt completely helpless. You are now in a position of power. Allow me to ask you, on behalf of all of the parents, Please Help Us. We need you now and now we can tell you want you can do for our families. Comment to support our petition. The industry no doubt will have hundred’s of comments and we want to be a louder, stronger voice. We need you in order to achieve that. You don’t have to know anyone who lost a child this way to be part of something that matters. If you are reading this, I am asking you to write. Everyone reading this is called to write an educated comment and enact a change that could save lives and honor the lives of so many lost.

This ruling means so much to so many. It says that our children’s lives mattered and that their deaths were meaningful. Don’t miss the chance to send a message to the companies that continue to manufacture unsafe products.

Not sure how to help? Click this link for instructions on how to comment.

Lives are depending on you. Parent’s of child loss/injury are depending on you. I want to encourage anyone that is touched in anyway by this epidemic to comment. Ask your co-workers, families, friends, and neighbors to comment also! Join our campaign to create a safer product for all children.

Thank you for your time and your comments. The children thank you!

Erin Shero
Mother of Colton
Director of Communications
Parents for Window Blind Safety