About the Lowe’s Recall

Yesterday Lowe’s recalled 11 million roman shades and roll up shades. The reason for this recall is because the shades, as of December 3rd, no longer meet the safety standards the Industry created this past year. Lowe’s had their chance to be apart of the major recall back in December 2009, but for some reason did not want to participate.

I wanted to let consumers know that if they get the repair kit for roll up shades, the shade still has several area’s where a child can strangle to death. In fact, when a consumer places the break away kit on the roll up shade, it doesn’t always break away. The cord is suppose to deploy at 3 pounds of pressure but our testing showed results as high as 22 pounds of pressure, well over the weight of a small child. If the cord does break away, the cord is over 6 feet long that can strangle a child. This product still operates with operational cords to lift and lower the shade, another area where a child can strangled to death.

Please watch this video that shows a product with the repair kit installed.

PFWBS recommends throwing out your hazardous roll up shade and replacing it with something cordless. Please forward this message to your friends and loved ones as Lowe’s nor the CPSC is telling the public that after the repair kit, the product still poses several strangulation hazards.