CPSC database approved last week.

Kudos to the CPSC!

Last week after a 3-2 vote, the CPSC approved a database required by the CPSC Safety Improvement act of 2008.

Please watch this video by LA times on the concerns about the database before the voting began.

Consumers have every right to read complaints and reports on products that have endangered other children, teens and adults. Up until March 2011, the consumers can only file complaints through the CPSC and then have to make a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for records of other reports. This is very time consuming and is given to the Manufacture as to whether or not they wanted their name released before reports were given to the FOIA requesting consumer. There also must be an investigation on the report to verify it’s legitimacy which can take months. The only way consumers can tell if a product is dangerous right now is if it has been recalled. This database will enable the consumers to know instantly what is dangerous and what is not from other consumer experiences.

Until March 2011 you can report accidents, even if they have minor injuries, to the CPSC using the link below. Reports are SO important on getting products recalled off the market. If your child has been injured, you have no idea how much it can help another parent by reporting it!

Safer Products

The only downside to this new database is that it will only start complaints that happen AFTER March 2011. This means 455 Injuries and deaths on window covering products that PFWBS has in their own database will not be included.

If you have small children please see this website for up to data information on products that have been recalled. www.kidsindanger.org