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CPSC Chairman’s speech

Last week was the first week CPSC has said anything about the WCMA/ANSI standard that is under the canvass process as I am writing this.  I wanted to share this with the world since I don’t think this will hit the papers.

You can read the full speech here.

[blockquote1]“Next, I want to talk about window coverings.  After more than 500 strangulation deaths of children and the recall of tens of millions of blinds and shades over the past three decades, window blind safety is in great need of improvement.  The Window Covering Manufacturers Association, working through the ANSI process, spent last year working to come up with a set of revised standards.  There was optimism that after years and years of prior revisions that fell short of eliminating the risk of exposed looped cords, this new push might get the job done.  At this moment, WCMA is evaluating the votes and comments to see whether their ballot can be approved.  I call upon WCMA to give serious consideration to all of the comments they received – especially those from CPSC’s window covering expects, and even those tied to a negative vote.  Unfortunately, the revised ANSI standard does not go far enough to support cordless solutions or shrouded lift cords.  And it does not adequately address the problems with tension devices.  As I told the industry just days ago, we still need to work together to “design out” the strangulation hazard in future work on the standard.  And I appreciate the industry’s willingness to keep an open dialogue.  The CPSC’s work on window blind safety will continue at an aggressive pace, so that the agency and the industry can reach consensus on how to design out the risk of strangulation.I am encouraged that the industry has new, innovative designs that can meet this challenge.  I want to make an appeal to the innovators of cordless blinds and shades with hidden lift cords, I say, keep on pushing, keep on working to bring your products to the market.  You can do it.  You represent the best of American ingenuity.  Parents with young children deserve the right to a home free from this hidden hazard, and your products can make that a reality.”[/blockquote1]

I would love to get the public’s thoughts on the action of the CPSC.

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