Injuries from cords can be devastating

We wanted to share this post with the world in order to create more awareness of the hazards of window covering cords. Not all children die. Some live through the accident such as this little girl, Ashley.

One of the many reasons PFWBS was founded was not only to support parents through their grief but to get them help when accusations are running wild after such an accident. Many states with family services are not educated on how children can become entangled in the cords of a window covering. The family is then put under investigation because the Department of Family Services have not been trained to understand inner cord strangulation or how children can climb up to reach cords tied up high. Many times PFWBS have helped in situations like these and the cases against the parents were dropped. It is bad enough when an accident happens, but when you are accused it is devastating.

Please read Ashley’s story and share it with others. If you have a friend or loved on with window covering’s in their home that have cords on them send this story to them. Ask them to remove the cords and purchase something safer. These kinds of accidents happen to the best of parents. This is not a supervisory issue, it’s a product issue.

God Bless you, Ashley!!!