What’s Happening in Australia

Did you know PFWBS also has a branch in Australia run by John Williamson?  John works hard trying to get installers to have certification to install window coverings down under.  John’s Granddaughter Meesha died from a beaded looped chain that was attached to the wall with double sided tape instead of being properly installed with screws.

She had a cherub like look to her didn’t she?  Precious.  Her parents and John will never be able to watch her grow up.  She will never be married.  These deaths are not just numbers.  They are real children with real parents and grandparents whose hearts are broken from grief.

Too many times people look at statistics whether it be from window covering accidents or other accidents on products and think of the numbers and say, “Oh that’s not too many deaths per year.”  Really?  Would you feel this way if it was your child?  What if all the deaths in one year was your child and all your circle of close friends children? Would you feel differently? We guess you would.

Below is a link to an article that was published in Window Fashion Magazine in Australia.  This will give you an idea of John’s mission in Australia.

Window Fashions January 2012

You can visit Meesha’s memorial site at this link.

Meesha’s Memorial Site

Sign the guestbook and let John know he is doing a fantastic job down under.

We love you John.