Hidden Hazards in the Home

Below is an excerpt from an article written by KidsInDanger on the problem of hidden hazards in the homes that parents overlook.

Kids In Danger

“Here’s the problem:

From these stories, we see an obvious disconnect between recalls and public awareness—whether it be a parent, childcare provider, or state inspector! The ineffectiveness of recalls has resulted in countless child injuries and deaths. To keep our children safe, regulators and manufacturers – and the public — need to do more to get recalled products out of use.

What can we do?

We must rededicate ourselves to recall effectiveness, starting from the ground up.

  • Start with safe products

Products must be made as safe as possible from the beginning stages of innovation. These deaths show how ineffective recalls can be in keeping children safe, and are a testament to the need for safer product design.”



Many might think to end these senseless deaths all we need to do is educate.


Can you think about how many products are in your home?  Let’s think about it.  Let’s assume we know of at least 100 products in our home we use.   How often do we really pay attention to product recalls?  How often do we pay attention to directions on how to properly use the products in our home?

How do you keep your dryer safe?

How many directions did you read on how to properly use the product?  Chances are you didn’t.  You might just use common sense to operating the product and go on from there.   Parents are busy.  We live in a busy world with life pulling us all over the place.




We MUST start with safe products from the beginning.  This is the reason Parents for Window Blind Safety tells the public to you cordless window covering products.  It’s just one less thing you have to worry about.














For a list of safe cordless products that bear our seal of approval click this link. http://windowcoveringtesting.org/safe-products/


Kidsindanger is an excellent source to keep you up to date on products that have been recalled.  They send out monthly newsletters of products that are recalled.  Pretty much, they do the work for you.  Sign up here for their latest newsletter.  http://www.kidsindanger.org/
Link to the full article on the KID website.  http://www.kidsindanger.org/2014/01/20/hidden-hazards-in-our-homes/