Lawmakers push for window cord safety

Kudos to Maryland lawmakers!

In August, Kathleen Leeson of Montgomery Village walked into her two-year-old son’s bedroom and found him strangling in cords to the blinds over his window.

“It’s beyond sad,” said Leeson, of her foster son Angel Duenas, who died at a hospital.”There is not a moment of my day where he’s not on my mind. He was just such a beautiful and charming kid. I hate that he’s dead.”

Duenas is one of more than 200 children across the country who have strangled on window blind cords in the last 10 years, said state Del. Kirill Reznik (D-Dist. 39) of Germantown, who introduced “Angel’s Law” last month in the House of Delegates. The measure will require new or replacement window coverings to be cordless on or after a certain date in foster homes, family day care homes, and child care centers.

The final vote is this week to pass this bill. ┬áParents in Maryland will now have a safer environment in their child’s daycare. ┬áThank you Del. Reznik and Senator King for your hard work on this bill.

We hope other states will take the same steps Maryland took for keeping daycares safe.