Despite scores of deaths, government has been slow to force safer designs for window blinds

An article from the AP came out about how the CPSC has waited years to make mandatory safety standards on window covering cords despite all the children that have died on cords in the past three decades. After 200 deaths, the standards are still being developed by the industry.

Here is an exert.

Blinds and shades are some of the deadliest products subject to recalls announced by the safety agency in the last 15 years. Yet the government has failed to require manufacturers to design safer blinds and shades, relying instead on the industry to develop its own standards.

Govt slow to regulate deadly window coverings

After 200 deaths, we believe it’s well past the time for the government to step in and make a safety standard that will actually help DECREASE the deaths instead of leaving this issue to the hands of the Industry.

Families have lost children this year. They are just learning how to cope in this world without their child. Every family I talk to who has lost a child agrees that homes without cords are the safest.  Regardless of the families attempts to follow safety guidelines such as tying pull cords out of reach, the children have always found a way to get entangled in the cords.  Our hearts go out to these families who most likely wonder WHY this tragedy is still happening even after the death of their child.

Help us keep families safe.  Order some of our flyers and talk to your friends about window cord safety. It CAN happen to you!

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