Window Cord Wind-Up Product Review

Hello world.  Today we are publishing our product review video for window cord wind up devices. These are sold at many retail stores across the nation.

We attached these products to a set of window blinds to see if a 4-year old girl could get a hold of them.

Watch this video to see the results.

After seeing how fast this precious little girl could gain access to the cords, we tried tying up the cords out of her reach and wrapped them many times around the hook.  It took her less than a minute to gain access to the window blind cord.

We tested how much pressure it would take in order to break the window cord safety device.  Thirty pounds of pressure would not break it!  This means a large child could strangle on a loop that the wind-up creates which would not break apart to release the child.  We also wanted to point out that when the child removed the cords from the place where we wrapped them up, a loop in the pull cord was re-created somehow.  These cords were NOT tied together when we wrapped them up.

We wanted to show the public that no matter what you do with window cords, there is ALWAYS a potential for strangulation unless you remove the cords from your home.

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