No Cleats, No Cords, No Tassels……..Go Cordless in October!

The most recent story in the news today is about a little girl named Isabella.

This month is window covering safety month.  PFWBS recommends cordless or cord-free window coverings in homes with children 8 years and younger.  According to CPSC data children 8 years and younger have died or been injured on ANSI compliant window coverings that include safety devices such as “safety tassels”, “Break away tassels”, “cord joiners”, cords tied up in cleats, and faulty tie down devices.   Children have accessed cords tied up high as far as 6 feet off the floor well beyond their reach by using other objects in the home.

Many parents have lost their children after following inaccurate safety tips on products that were considered safe by the industry.    PFWBS recommends that all parents remove products in their homes that have operational cords.  Changing one corded window covering a month would help parents on a budget create a safer environment for their children.  Below is a list of budget friendly cordless or cord-free alternatives on the market today.

Blackout Redishades mixed with drapes can create the perfect dark room for any family on a budget.

These cord-free shades start out at $5 a piece!
























Panels and Drapes are perfect for any budget!



Panels mixed with RediShades or cord-free roller shades can create a dramatic look.



Todays Roller Shades with Vinyl or Fabric roll up easier with new technology.




Cord-Free Roll Up Shades start out at $10 and up. You can buy custom shades to match your child’s room. Many companies are printing designs on the shades.


There are tons of DIY window covering tutorials online some of which are No Sew!

Don’t let the price of custom window coverings make you feel that you can’t afford safe alternatives for your home.   PFWBS is happy to answer any questions on how to make your home safer.  Send us an email. (AT)