Baby on a boppy nursing pillow. Never leave babies unattended.

Suffocation Hazards


Infant deaths on nursing pillows since 2007.


Children died in 15 years from latex balloons.


Babies die a year from soft bedding


12 million cedar chests were recalled after 14 children died

Suffocation is silent, there is no warning.

Follow ABCs of Safe Sleep for Infants Alone, Back, Crib

Soft objects and loose bedding, including pillows, bumpers, quilts, blankets, comforters, sleep positioners, sheepskins, and stuffed toys. Remove these items from the baby’s sleep area. Use sleep clothing– such as a one-piece sleeper–with no other covering, as an alternative to loose blankets. For an extra layer, use a wearable blanket or sleep sack.  The only thing that should be in the crib is a tight-fitting mattress with a sheet that fits securely and the baby. Never leave an infant unattended on a pillow.

 (Remember to always lay babies on their backs to sleep at bedtime and naptime.)
Do not use a crib made before June 28, 2011, it does not meet current safety standards.

Never leave a child alone with a latex balloon

Latex balloons. More children have suffocated on uninflated balloons and pieces of broken balloons than on any other type of toy.  Keep latex balloons away from children under 8 and pets. Choose mylar balloons (shiny, metallic) over latex.

Your mom’s or grandmother’s antique cedar chest can suffocate

Latch-type clothes dryers, refrigerators, and freezers; combination washer-dryer units; iceboxes, file cabinets, and storage chests. Suffocation deaths occur in such places when children crawl inside and cannot escape. The best choice for a toy chest is one without a lid or one with a lightweight, removable one..

What do I do if this happens?

Report an Accident

Report ANY Accidents Here

If you experience a safety problem with a consumer product, or want to search for incident reports, this is the link to use or call the CPSC at (800) 638-2772.

CPSC Recall Database

When a product is found to pose a threat of injury or death, a recall is issued. To stay current on this matter, contact the CPSC to receive free recall information sent to you by E-mail 


The Link above includes recalls for six federal agencies, including CPSC, NHTSA, and the Food and Drug Administration