Window blinds can not only be deadly…they can severely injure.

Catara was a healthy 3 year old child July 4th, 2007. She could color, sing, and give her Mommy and Daddy hugs and kisses. Catara could laugh, show off her new cloths and run circles around her little brother.

On July 7th Catara got entangled in the inner cord of a window blind. She was discovered within seconds by her father. Mom quickly came into the room and began CPR. Catara later gained a pulse but she will never be the same.

Catara is severely brain damaged from the cord wrapping around her neck. Her prognosis is not good. She will most likely need care for the rest of her life.

Catara’s grandmother, Alice Ratnaswamy, owns a daycare in St. Louis. We are working with her to get a law passed so that daycare providers can provide safe environments for children in Missouri. Alice ripped down all the window blinds in her daycare. Last week, we showed her how to quickly install RediShades in her daycare. RediShade donated 180 shades to A2Z Learning Center. RediShades will be placed in Alice’s daycare and other daycares in the St. Louis area. Thank you RediShade for donating to daycares! Daycares need all the financial help they can to remove dangerous cords from their facilities.

Please keep the Robinson Family in your thoughts and prayers. Here is a website that was donated to the family from Jellison Technologies – Catara’s Site. Thank you Jellison Tech, you guys are the best!