CPSC now recommends Cordless Window Coverings in homes, daycares, and other places children visit.

Good news! We had written the CPSC regarding their safety alerts which confused consumers.

In their earlier releases the CPSC stated;

“CPSC, Window Covering Industry Announce Recall to Repair Window Blinds New Investigation of Children’s Deaths Leads to Redesigned Window Blinds.” In this news release, the CPSC states “Consumers who have young children may wish to consider purchasing cordless window coverings.”

Child Proofing your home, 12 safety devices to protect your children Pub #252 asks consumers to “consider buying cordless products.”

Roman Shades alert PUB#5115 warns consumers of the serious danger of these products then asks them to “consider buying safer products.”

Voluntary Standards article dated 4/30/2008 states “Blinds that meet the voluntary standard can be made hazardous by users if they tie up the pull cords.”

“Be Sure your child care setting is as safe as it can be” Document #242 states “these safety devices can prevent strangulation” (nothing cordless is mentioned in this article).

The older alerts gave the consumer the impression that if they installed these “safety devices,” the product was then 100% safe. This is not the case with all corded products. Even with safety devices install, children can still hurt themselves on the cords. We are happy to see that now the CPSC and PFWBS are both telling the public to Go Cordless!

Please see the following link:

CPSC Safety Alert

Kudos to the CPSC!