Child Safety Guide: The Best Cordless Blinds for Eliminating Blind Cord Dangers

As parents, we all want to keep our kids safe. And one often overlooked danger in many homes is window blinds with cords. Every year, roughly 17,000 children are injured by window blind cords. Tragically, some of these incidents are fatal.

The good news is that cordless blinds provide a simple and effective way to eliminate this hazard. In this ultimate guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about choosing and using cordless blinds to protect your family.

What Exactly Are Cordless Blinds?

Cordless blinds operate without any dangling cords, loops or beads. Some varieties have no cords at all, while others may have concealed cords that aren’t accessible by little hands. Both styles remove the strangulation risk posed by exposed cords while maintaining the functionality and aesthetics of standard blinds.

Cordless blinds are available in many popular styles, including:

  • Cordless cellular shades – These have a honeycomb-like structure that provides insulation. Cellular shades stack neatly when raised.
  • Cordless roller shades – These roll up around a tube when retracted. Roller shades are simple and affordable.
  • Cordless vertical blinds – Vertical slats can be positioned along a track to control light and privacy.
  • Cordless pleated shades – Pleated fabric folds neatly when raised up. Soft pleated shades complement many decor styles.
  • Cordless roman shades – Roman shades create a casual, elegant look as the fabric lifts in soft folds when raised.

Where Can Cordless Blinds Be Used?

Cordless blinds can be installed virtually anywhere standard blinds are used, including:

  • Living rooms, family rooms, dens – Blinds in common areas help control light while adding style. Cordless options ensure safety.
  • Bedrooms – Blinds allow bedrooms to be darkened for daytime naps or sleeping in. Cordless types keep sleeping kids safe.
  • Kids’ rooms – Cordless blackout shades are ideal for nurseries and children’s bedrooms.
  • Kitchens – Blinds filter natural light beautifully in kitchens. Cordless is key where kids congregate.
  • Bathrooms – Skylights, transom windows and other bathroom windows can benefit from cordless blinds.
  • Home offices – Blinds reduce glare on computer screens. Cordless operation prevents hazards.

How Do Cordless Blinds Work?

Cordless blinds take one of two basic approaches:

  1. Totally cordless – These shades have no cords at all. Instead, the blind is pushed up or down manually or using a wand. Spring mechanisms provide tension to hold the blind in place once positioned.
  2. Cordless lift – These blinds have concealed cords that are not accessible or exposed. The cords are connected via pulleys inside the headrail and raise or lower the blind with minimal effort.

Cordless lift blinds often come with wands, ideal for hard-to-reach windows. With either style, no dangerous cords are left dangling.

Are Cordless Blinds the Safest Choice for Kids?

In a word, yes. Cordless blinds that either lack cords completely or have inaccessible cords are universally considered the safest window covering option for families with infants, toddlers and young children.

Some key facts:

Simply put, cordless blinds are one of the most impactful steps you can take to protect your children. And they provide peace of mind for parents and grandparents too.

Still unsure if cordless is right for you? Consider this sobering statistic: nearly 90% of window blind cord injuries happen in the home of a relative, friend, or neighbor. Dangerous corded blinds threaten children’s safety beyond just your own home. Cordless is the only way to go.

Do Cordless Blinds Really Look Good?

Rest assured, cordless blinds look every bit as stylish and attractive as corded varieties. Manufacturers offer a full range of colors, textures, materials, prints and options.

Key advantages that make today’s cordless blinds beautiful and functional include:

How to Choose the Best Cordless Blinds

When selecting cordless blinds, consider the following:

Light control – The ability to darken a room is often a top priority. Blackout fabrics and multi-layer cellular shades excel at blocking light.

  • Insulation – Cellular shades provide effective insulation. Important for windows that get direct sun exposure.
  • Room aesthetics – Cool neutrals like wood blinds complement many styles. Bold colors make a dramatic accent.
  • Window size – Custom blinds maximize coverage and functionality for large or unusually shaped windows.
  • Frequency of use – Blinds that will be raised and lowered often should have smooth action and durability.
  • Child safety features – Cordless is a must! Other child-safe options include breakaway tassels, cord sheaths and inaccessible cords.
  • Budget – Custom blinds are an investment. But many cordless blinds come in budget-friendly standard sizes.

Taking the time to choose the right cordless blinds pays off in safety, style and peace of mind.

3 Key Questions to Ask About Cordless Blinds

When shopping for cordless blinds, asking smart questions ensures you select the best option for your family. We recommend getting answers to these top 3 questions:

Getting the Right Fit – Professional Measurement Matters

To get a flawless fit, precise measurement of all windows is a must. DIY measuring often results in poorly fitting blinds with light gaps or operational issues, however, many retailers or manufacturers can guide consumers if they cannot afford professional measurements.

Professional measurement services provide accuracy down to 1/8 inch. Qualified installers will also properly mount and adjust blinds for smooth performance and an immaculate look.

Most retailers and manufacturers of premium cordless blinds offer professional measurement and installation. Take advantage of these services so your new blinds fit right and function flawlessly for years to come.

The Safest Choice for Your Family

When it comes to safety, there are no shortcuts. Cordless blinds make it easy to turn every room into a safe zone, protecting your children from preventable injuries.

With so many cordless styles to choose from, you don’t have to sacrifice design, functionality or budget. Help spread the word about this critical child safety issue.

Your friends and family will thank you for recommending cordless blinds from trusted brands that put safety first. Contact us today if you need guidance selecting the best cordless blinds for your home or check out products that passed our safety testing. Manufacturers whose products comply with the PFWBS certification program are tested by a third-party testing lab and approved by Parents for Window Blind Safety testing committee as “Safe for Kids”. Products that pass are labeled Lab Tested, Mom Approved™ products are available online and in retail stores across the country.