90% of burns start in the kitchen


Families in the USA have developed and practiced a home fire escape plan


The glass surface of gas fireplaces can become hot enough to cause third-degree burns in a second or less


Knives are rated to be among the most common kitchen hazards


The kitchen is the most common area in the home where fires and burns occur. Use childproofing knobs on stoves, and lock oven door using manufactures settings. Gas fireplaces can cause 3rd degree burns on toddlers if their hands touch the glass while a fire is burning. ALWAYS use a screen as an extra layer of protection.

Water Temperature in the home

Hot tap water. Set water heaters no higher than 120°F to reduce the chance of scald burns. (Water that’s 140°F can give a child a third-degree burn in just 3 seconds!) Be aware that 120°F can still burn your baby, so always mix hot water with cold water before it touches your child’s skin. A comfortable bath water temperature for a child is near his own body temperature, 98 to 100°F  Do not exceed a temperature of 100°F.

Items that can pierce

Arrows and darts. If children play with such items, they should have cork tips, rubber suction cups or other protective tips. Kitchen knives should always be in a drawer out of sight.


Toys with sharp edges and points and electrical toys with heating elements. Avoid for children under 10. Toys that include propelled objects. These can be turned into weapons, so avoid them for children of all ages.

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What do I do if this happens?

Report an Accident

Report ANY Accidents Here

.If you experience a safety problem with a consumer product, or want to search for incident reports, this is the link to use or call the CPSC at (800) 638-2772.

CPSC Recall Database

When a product is found to pose a threat of injury or death, a recall is issued. To stay current on this matter, contact the CPSC to receive free recall information sent to you by E-mail 


The Link above includes recalls for six federal agencies, including CPSC, NHTSA, and the Food and Drug Administration