Children under five years of age accounted for 75% of choking fatalities.


Choking accounts for 44 percent of all toy-related fatalities


It is estimated that a child DIES every five days in the US from choking on food

Choking is the leading cause of injury among children

Anything that can fit inside a toilet paper tube can be fatal

  • Coins
  • keys
  • jewelry
  • paper clips
  • batteries
  • water bottle tops
  • safety pins
  • removable rubber tips on door stop
  • jeweled decorations on children’s clothing


  • hot dogs
  • Larger chunks of meat/cheese
  • whole grapes
  • hard candy
  • taffy
  • gum
  • nuts and seeds
  • popcorn
  • glob of peanut butter
  • raw vegetables


Small magnets. High-powered magnet sets (like adult toys) are dangerous and should not be kept in homes with children. Building and play sets with small magnets should also be kept away from small children. Today’s magnets are much more powerful than the magnets we used to play with as kids. The danger is that if a magnet falls out of a toy, it can be swallowed by a child. If more than one magnet is ingested, it can attract inside the body and cause intestinal perforation, infection, or blockage, which can be fatal.  For more information, go to:


Signs of choking

  • One or both hands clutched to the throat.
  • A look of panic, shock, or confusion.
  • Inability to talk.
  • Strained or noisy breathing.
  • Squeaky sounds when trying to breathe.
  • Cough, which may either be weak or forceful.
  • Skin, lips, and nails that change color turning blue or gray.
  • Loss of consciousness.

What do I do if this happens?

Always report accidents, even if they are minor if they involve a product.

Report ANY Accidents Here

.If you experience a safety problem with a consumer product, or want to search for incident reports, this is the link to use or call the CPSC at (800) 638-2772.

CPSC Recall Database

When a product is found to pose a threat of injury or death, a recall is issued. To stay current on this matter, contact the CPSC to receive free recall information sent to you by E-mail 


The Link above includes recalls for six federal agencies, including CPSC, NHTSA, and the Food and Drug Administration